Eliminate The Silliness Book

Don’t be silly. Be simple.

That’s the overarching message of the very personal book I created to complement this website.

In Eliminate The Silliness: Enjoy Simple, Minimalist Living Without A Lot Of Nonsense, I explain that the goal of living a simple and deliberate life is to eliminate the silliness that separates you from what really matters to you. The bits of silliness you need to shed include the ideas, attitudes, things and maybe even people that don’t have a place in your life.

If the presence of someone, something or some thought in your life doesn’t make sense for you, it’s time for it to go.

Using more than 30 essays from the So Much More Life blog as a basis, this book examines several important spiritual, mental, emotional and practical aspects of moving toward simple living. The idea is that readers like you should examine every aspect of live and live with deliberate attention, not like everything that happens is an accident. You can call that simple living, minimalist living or smart living, but it’s simply living.

From this glimpse into my process of getting simpler, you can learn how to make progress in your own life.

This collection of 30 blog posts has been specially re-edited for the Kindle book format and is now available to read and reread on the go from any device. Use your Kindle ebook reader from Amazon, download the free Kindle app for your iPhone or Android device or use the Kindle desktop software on your Windows laptop or PC. The choice is yours — and you can share books between devices.

Read an essay a day as your motivation to stay on the minimalist path — or take it all in today and see what you can draw from it. Essays feature practical advice, esoteric concepts and even a bit of whimsy. But all are great reads that you can own for yourself now in the very convenient Kindle format.

Whether you’re new to this blog and want all the best from it in one place or you’re an old friend looking to relive a stage in our lives together, order this book now for a great experience. You won’t be disappointed.

Should you maybe just click off this page and forget all about this ebook?

Don’t be silly.

Be simple instead — and make the swift and sensible choice to see what you can learn from Eliminate The Silliness.

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