It Was Not "Unless It's Not"

Someday, I’ll explain why I chose the name “So Much More” for this blog. The simple answer is because there’s so much more to life. Period. No “than” is necessary. More on that another time.

My previous (and sadly, failed) attempt at a blog was called “Unless It’s Not”. I wrote a post for that blog explaining that name — a really good name, I think, but not exactly in line with my life’s current focus. The date was November 22, 2006, and here’s what I said then:

If you think “Unless It’s Not…” is a strange title for a blog, you’re probably right. Unless you’re not.

After some thought, I decided those three words (two words and a contraction) best describe my attitude about life and the quality of the material I intend to post here. I picked up the phrase after reading the Neale Donald Walsch book series Conversations with God, a truly amazing collection of words. (Unless it’s not.)

Here’s what I mean: I’m satisfied and perhaps even glad to live within the mysteries of life. Explaining the mechanisms of this universe is of little interest to me. I can accept a particular explanation or not, and you’re welcome to join me in my beliefs or not. And if one of my thoughts or beliefs is proven wrong, fine. I was right until I wasn’t.

Also, I think the phrase “Unless It’s Not” describes perfectly most blogs I’ve read. The writer’s view is definitive, considered and reasonable. Unless it’s not.

I promise, however, to be somewhat more definitive, less circular and more interesting in future posts. Unless…

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