Tackling the Dreaded Office for Week 12 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

Despite not feeling very today, I’m counting this is a successful week in the house decluttering, although the mental clutter seems to be in place this week.

I have a good excuse for part of the mental clutter, though: I’, working on my taxes. I have a few items to double check during the coming week, then I can send it off to my tax-preparer cousin to be completed and filed. That huge weight will be lifted within a few days. Although handling taxes has gotten easier through the years I’ve run my own business, it’s still a dreaded headache for some reason.

Perhaps to make up for the time I was forced to spend on that dreaded task, I started on another dreaded task of my own choosing: decluttering my office. While I can’t claim completion on any room of the house, this seemed like a good time to make a dent in my home office, the messiest and hardest to handle of the rooms in the house. In fact, items from other rooms that I can’t quite eliminate or immediately place in a new home often end up in my office. And this room, where I spend most of my time, is also where most of my so-called “important papers” are stored also. (More on these papers in a later post.) There’s a lot of junk there, and I’m glad to finally be making some progress in there. I’ve eliminated two small cardboard boxes and a small storage container, and the room is already looking larger. I even vacuumed.

A lot of trash found its way into the dumpster from my office and from some other rooms, too, so I’m pleased overall. I’m not pleased that I have a headache and a backache again today, something that is increasingly common. It could be from the mental clutter or from all the dust and dirt I’ve been stirring up and weird positions in which I’ve arranged myself while cleaning. Or it could be something else. Thinking about all those ailments called “something else” isn’t helping with the mental clutter today, but it’s nearly bedtime.

Tomorrow offers a new chance to feel well.