The Halfway Point Approaches for Week 25 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

Depending on how you look at, this week — or perhaps next — is a week to celebrate. I’m halfway through my yearlong journey to declutter my house and my life. I’ll hold off on the celebration until next week.

With my sick kitty on her way to a full recovery and the lawnmower returned from a second trip to the repair shop, I’m happy with the way this week went. I even got a bag of trash removed from office, and there is every indication that I’ll get more done before the day ends.

I’m doing pretty well on the household decluttering, and I’ll try to offer you a fuller update about that next week. I’m also feeling well today, although I haven’t felt very well this week. I suspect I’m falling into a pattern of letting stress overtake me a bit. But that will get better as I decrease the junk that surrounds me and distracts me — and as I complete a business project I’ve been working on. As the bookselling business has declined, my stress about creating a new income source has increased more dramatically than I’ve realized. I’m taking matters into my own hands, as I always do, and I’ll soon have the problem solved. I don’t have a choice really.

A trip to Goodwill to drop off more rejected items that have accumulated over the past few weeks will make a big difference in the visible clutter around the house, so I’ll try to get to that this week.

I’m in the mood to keep the update short this week, so I won’t bother you with more details. Expect a celebration in this space next week!