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This blog about simple, minimalist living is complete — but it’s far from stale.

I’m not posting here anymore. This simple living blog tells the story of a complete experience — one you can have too. You can use this journey deep into the minimalist lifestyle as a jumping off point for a better life, just as I benefited from the bloggers who came before me.

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Please understand that So Much More Life isn’t abandoned, unloved, unused or unmonitored. It’s simply complete.

I’ve added this special welcome page to help you understand why I’m no longer adding pages to this blog and to help you find the best of what’s here. But there’s more. I want you to understand that life has phases, and it’s important to recognize when to move on.

I’ve always tended toward simplicity, and that’s still the case. But analyzing my buying decisions, actively decluttering my home and actively participating in the voluntary simplicity community is no longer part of my life. Still, my life will always be influenced by what we’ve discussed on this blog.

And this blog isn’t going anywhere. It represent an accomplishment. It’s the documentation of one part of my life’s journey, and it lives on in me and in those who participated in the community here.

To find the best of what’s here, explore. Start with my Best Decisions series. Or explore the List Of All Posts.

If you’d like to be part of my life’s current phase, I may have written something recently for Gip’s Front Yard — but honestly, probably not. I don’t blog very much anymore.

In any case, remember that I’m still here. I’ve always been here in one way or another. Please stay in touch, and enjoy the 200+ pages of information, commentary and discussion here.

And remember, there’s so much more to life than you’re experiencing now. Take action to avoid missing any of it.

NEXT: Best DecisionsList Of All Posts