Best Decisions

In early 2012, I looked back at some of my best decisions since moving toward a simple, minimalist lifestyle. Each of those posts contains a rehash of why I took the action as well as new information about how it’s worked out for me. As a result, the Best Decisions series represents some of the best, most valuable work I’ve done here on So Much More Life. I’ve placed this tab on the navigation menu to make these useful post easier to find. I hope you enjoy reading — or re-reading — them.


Best Decisions: Totally Clean Countertops

Best Decisions: Accepting Only High Quality Experiences

Best Decisions: Ditching The Dishwasher

Best Decisions: Simplifying My Cell Phone Service

Best Decisions: Adopting A Minimalist Hairstyle

Best Decisions: Rethinking How I Handle Trash

Best Decisions: Reducing The Paper In My Life

Best Decisions: Not Paying For Things That Are Free

Best Decisions: Embracing Thrift Stores

Best Decisions: Putting Myself First

Will There Be A Worst Decisions Series?