Free Words

The phrase “free words” conjures up some interesting images in my mind.

I think of words like “idealic” and “predestination” wandering aimlessly through a nice field, free from restraint. Or if you prefer, “aromatic” and “sensual” have escaped their prison and are now free of their evil captor, “restraint”.

Some professional writers who depend on words for their careers don’t like to give away words for free. Blogs are free words. While the opportunity to write anytime you want about whatever crosses your mind seems like a boon to some writers, it’s the bane of others.

Why should I offer content to the web community for free? You’re reading this post now, but you could be reading a carefully constructed magazine article written for money by a seasoned professional writer. As it happens, I am a lightly-seasoned and highly professional writer, and for the moment, I’m okay with the idea of giving away some of my words.

Television series writers sometimes make the argument that (supposedly unscripted) reality shows take TV timeslots away from scripted comedies and dramas. Reality TV, then, is contributing to the declining quality of television because fewer writers are willing to go into a dying field. Others make arguments about expensive writer royalties crippling networks or reality shows being cheaper to produce because they have smaller staffs and fewer sets. My point? I think some consider blogs the reality television of the Internet world.

I consider this blog highly experimental. It’s allowing me to find a fresher voice while sharpening different areas of my skills. I’m not charging you for these words, but I don’t think I’m taking food out of the mouth of a professional writer by offering a free alternative. You’ll by reading more than one thing today, won’t you?


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