“Why Am I Telling You This?” for Week 5 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

I can’t really report much progress for Week 5, but I do have a few things to mention.

First, here’s a question you may be asking yourself: “Why is he telling me all of this stuff about his decluttering and simplifying?”

The answer, you might have guessed, has several parts. First, that’s what blogs are for — sharing parts of one life with others. Second, it keeps me accountable. Knowing that I’ll be making a weekly post here about my progress compels me to do my best to actually make some. Third, I’m becoming an advocate for simpler living and joining my voice to the chorus already promoting simplicity. I want others to join me in experiencing the joys of a simple life free of physical and emotional clutter.

Useless things and unproductive emotions draw energy away from the things in life that really matter. For the moment, I’m blogging about the physical progress I’m making with the very real problem of real clutter in my life. Emotional baggage is just as draining, however, and I’m always trying to work on emptying it as well. I’ll be blogging about that when I’m ready. I hope you’ll stay with me.

For Week 5, I’m still focused on the living room. The two end tables near the sofa are completely clear and uncluttered. The two other tables in the room have mostly David’s things on them, so I’m waiting awhile to see if he will tidy those somehow. If not, I’ll have to do something. There’s still a little more time in the week, and I hope we both get more done. There’s a lot to do, and I don’t want a single week to pass without at least a little progress.

I’d like to have more progress to show for this week, however.


  1. I’m enjoying the blog.
    When trying to keep clutter-free I have found that any horizontal surface is the enemy!

  2. Steve, you’re right. Although… I seem to be able to clutter up some slightly slanted surfaces, too.

    I am actually considering eliminating a couple of tables to make less flat surfaces.

    Now, back to work for me. I haven’t decluttered anything yet this week.

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