New Tagline Signals So Much More

Getting so much more from a simple, deliberate life.

That is this blog’s new tagline, and it’s the focus of So Much More.

Today is an important day for me, and it’s just the beginning of so much. Actually, I’ve already accomplished some of my goals for this blog, but the grandeur of my plans is far beyond anything I’ve already accomplished here, so it’s absolutely correct to say that today is the beginning of so much more.

The site’s new tagline replaces the previous one: “There’s so much more to a simple, meaningful life than just one thing.”

I never liked having a weak little word like “there’s” heading up my site, and I also think the line had outlived its usefulness. This blog was originally aimed at integrating the disjointed parts of my life into one simple, meaningful flow from which you, perhaps, could examine a few things about your life. But it has become so much more. (That phrase keeps coming up. If I had a mantra, I suppose that would be it.)

I’m a bit sad to see the word “meaningful” leave this important phrase, but I hope the words “So Much More” include the idea of getting more meaning from life. So many people accept a life that’s less than it could be when so much more meaning is within their immediate reach, and so much than that is available if they’re willing to stretch.

The word “deliberate” is a welcome newcomer, though. The key to getting so much more from life must be living more deliberately. I checked a dictionary to make sure I’m using the word correctly, and I like what I found. Being deliberate is being unhurried and steady. That sounds right to me. You don’t have to move slowly, and you don’t even have to consider every consequence (both are also parts of the definition of deliberate and are often good ideas), but being unhurried and steady in life certainly makes it so much more than when it’s rushed and unstable. Mindful is a nice synonym, in this case.

Beginning today, I’m reaffirming my commitment to offer you simple, meaningful words from my increasingly simple, deliberate experiences.

I’ve been living a non-traditional life since the day I was born, and I’ve been doing it deliberately for the two decades of my adult life. I’ll continue to tell you what I’ve discovered in the past and what I’m discovering everyday. Come along and see if there’s something in it for you.