Reaping Rewards for Week 32 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

I’ve been a bit worried the last couple of days because I wasn’t sure what I would tell you this week.

I’ve been out a lot this week and haven’t made much progress on decluttering. I can’t really say any of my life’s projects made much progress this week. It’s near 100 degrees outside, over 80 degrees in here and a heat advisory is in place because of the high humidity and high night temperatures, so I’m not very motivated at all.

But moments ago, I finally realized what I’ve accomplished this week: I’m reaping the rewards of everything I’ve done already.

There’s plenty more decluttering to do. But I’m home all day today, and I’m really noticing what’s already been done.

As dinner simmers away in the slow cooker, I realize that wouldn’t have been possible a few months ago because the kitchen counters were too cluttered to accommodate it’s short cord. Now, they’re totally clean — except for the simmering pot, of course.

And I’m doing laundry today, too. With fewer things in the utility room, this is easier than it was. There’s much more to do in there, however.

I’m anxious get the old sofa out of my office because it will allow me to move so many other things to their permanent new homes, but I’m not looking forward to the process. It will involve moving a lot of things out of the way before we can move the sofa out the door.

I’ve also realized I have a cleaning project that has slipped my mind: I have to do something about the shower. Our water leaves rusty red-yellow stains on everything, but our walk-in shower has layers of dirt and soap scum as well as the staining. It’s difficult to make myself clean it. It won’t ever look very good because the staining won’t come off — at least I don’t think it will. I’m going to make a up a vinegar spray and see what that does.

Tune in next week to see if anything has actually happened then.

Until then, is it hot where you are?


  1. It’s unbelievably hot where I am — right outside Philadelphia. Luckily, I am escaping to the beach very shortly! I also think it’s cool that you’re not afraid to admit that you’ve been busy this past week and you didn’t get to everything you like. Because, like you’ve said, the work that’s already been put in provides the opportunity to relax, take a break, and get back to it.

  2. Yea, it’s toasty here, but not as bad as you guys have it I hear. As for me though I love the heat. Dave and I fight over the A/C (he’s FOR it- me against, as if you have to guess…lol)

    See you may not feel like you have been productive but in reality because you are able to move about more freely you are probably getting more finished than you realize. Have you been taking pics of your progress as you go along?

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