Decaffeinate Your Mind

This is a guest post from Andre of Pull Your Own Strings.

Society thrives on a strong intoxicant called time and money.

Your mind is trained from an early age to drink this brew. You’re usually addicted to it by the time you earn an income.

The brew’s two components are designed to feed off and fuel each other. You sell your time for money so that when you have enough money you can buy time.

The process calls for a lot of sacrifice and when you sacrifice, human nature calls for a reward. And why not?

If you have a choice between pain and pleasure, pleasure always wins.

Society caters to this need by advertising gadgets and appliances that’ll help you achieve your goal and give you pleasure, too. These gadgets allegedly help you save time so that you’ll be able to earn more money and achieve your goals sooner.

Your end goal is your destination, so why not have pleasures along the way?

You surround yourself with these gadgets but the paradox is that you now have to sell more time to achieve your goal of financial freedom.

This subtle trap keeps you in the rat race.

Take a look around you. What do you see? Is your environment organised or is it organised chaos? How many time-saving devices do you see? Have they lived up to their reputation or are they just something you bought on the emotional spur of the moment?

Your surroundings are a reflection of your inner peace or turmoil.

Have you created an environment that inspires you or confounds you? Does your environment spur you on to achieving your goals or does it frustrate and distract you?

If you are surrounded by clutter and your goals are blurred then it is time to decaffeinate your mind.

1. Revisit your goals and determine whether you’re on course. If not then make changes or create new goals.

2. If you have no goals then it’s time to establish what you want in the three main areas of your life.

a. Physical – health, diet and fitness.
This is a vital step. You cannot enjoy your time if your body has been sacrificed on the altar of money.

b. Mental – attitude, focus and balance.
Have you invested in your mental health or is your mind a place where negativity and failure reign?
Do you fill yourself with useless clutter or is your imagination filled with life and excitement?

c. Spiritual – love, joy and peace.
These are eternal qualities that mark the life of a well balanced person. Make it your quest in life to seek after and live by these standards. You’ll only reap benefits from them.

3. Take a long hard look at the clutter in your life. Is it helping or hurting you? If you’ve not used something within the last six months then it’s time to get rid of it. Sell or give it to someone who’ll benefit from it. As you organise and clear out the clutter that surrounds you, both at home and work, you’ll be energised and focused physically and mentally.

Make a quality decision about your dreams and life.

They should be a living, exciting book on whose blank pages you write, knowing the plot and the final chapter.

Commit yourself to your dreams but enjoy every new day savouring the mysteries and joys that life has to offer.

Drink the heady brew of time and money but make sure it’s decaffeinated so you can enjoy the flavour without the addiction.

Andre has had a love affair with the written word from an early age. This coupled with a thirst for knowledge and a fascination with the mysteries of life encouraged him to recently start blogging about taking charge of your life. He works in the safety industry on the African continent.


  1. Thanks for the guest post, Andre.

    Guest posts here never seem to get many comments, but I hope a few people came over to visit you anyway.


  2. Hi Gip and Andre,

    Nice post. We have to work on developing our inner feelings all the time to start thinking positively. We all have mental power inside of us and we should work on developing that power. It is all about the mind….Thanks for sharing

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