Yes, I’m Participating: Water is a Human Right

Why would an apolitical person who writes about simplicity, minimalism, decluttering and self-improvement — among other things — participate in Blog Action Day, a somewhat political event? This is your Friday bonus post.

I’m not asking you to donate any money or sign any petitions. I didn’t. I’m just suggesting you do what people living simple, deliberate lives should do about every issue: Think.

Access to fresh water is a basic human right. Nothing is simpler than water. Yet lots of people living on the very same planet as you and me don’t have access to clean water. That doesn’t seem right to me.

That’s why I’m lending a post in support of Blog Action Day 2010.

But you’ll get no hard sell from me. I don’t care whether you visit the Blog Action Day 2010 site or not.

I hope my readers are thinking people, though. I hope you’re concerned that other people with mothers, fathers, children and friends can’t find clean water to drink.

Never mind that your house is still cluttered or that your dream isn’t making you enough money to survive. (Maybe those are my problems, not yours.) There are people in the world with problems dramatically different from yours.

As I said, I didn’t donate any money to the cause. I didn’t put the little petition widget here on So Much More Life. And I’m certainly not suggesting that you should donate or sign your name either.

My suggestion is simply this: Include some thoughts about people living in situations radically different from yours in your simple, deliberate life today.

That’s it. That’s all I’m asking. I know how to write tear-jerking and heart-wrenching calls to action, but your choices are your own. Follow your own call.

Focus a moment of thought today on people who don’t have access to clean water. Then, take action if you like.