Just A Little Off: Gip Plaster There’s More To Life Blog

Several months ago, I checked So Much More Life’s statistics on Google Analytics and I found that several visits to this blog — not just one, but several — came from people searching for “Gip Plaster There’s More To Life Blog”.

So come on now, own up: Which of you found So Much More Life that way?

It’s a bit funny and also a bit amazing that Google knew where to send these searchers who were just a little off. At least the searchers spelled my name right, and that’s probably how they found this blog.

As I was cleaning the little pieces of paper from my desk in December, I found a note about this unusual search term and realized that lots of people live lives that aren’t quite as good as they could be because they’re just a little off.

How could you refocus your life to make it just a little better?

Whether you’ve been on the journey to a simple, deliberate life with me for a long time or only for a little while, there’s something you may not realize: In many areas, you’re almost there.

In many ways, your life is just about right. You may be only a little off.

Maybe you don’t need to dump a dozen bags of unneeded clothes and two dozen boxes of kitchen clutter. Maybe your desk and your hall closet are already well organized. Maybe you already do meaningful, fulfilling work that doesn’t consume your whole life.

Maybe you just need to slightly tidy up and minimally rearrange what you have now into the life you always imagined possible.

Maybe the disorder that once held the place in your brain where your passion should be is almost all gone, and the passion could come flowing again if you’d just deal with a few more outstanding issues.

Do you get the idea?

Trying to find this blog by searching for Gip Plaster There’s More To Life Blog isn’t quite right. But a few people got to this place — their destination — even though their original focus was just a little off. It’s amazing that you can be a little off but still reach your destination, isn’t it?

Are you nearly there in one or more areas of your life?

And by the way, there’s more to life than you’re experience now. There must be. There’s much more to life than you ever imagined. So much more.


  1. I love the realization that life may be just a little bit off, Gip. How inspiring is that? No need to make big changes – just a little tweak here and there. It is so easy to focus on what is wrong with our lives when there may be nothing really wrong – just a few things that need minor adjustment to be better (or even perfect). Thanks for the insightful post.

      1. Those who misunderstand the Mayan calendar seem to think that the world will end before Christmas this year, but the Mayan civilization ended long ago, so I don’t know why we care what they thought. Thanks for commenting, Jo. Now you need to write a post to satisfy your errant searchers — as I just did with mine.

  2. Thanks for this Gip! It’s true. Sometimes it’s the little tweaks or adjustments that make a big difference. Like a needle just out of the record’s groove – once it finds its place it plays beautiful music.

    1. Wow, a vinyl mention from someone younger than me. I’m from the cassette generation. My sister was from the eight-track generation. Actually, I own about a dozen CDs, no song downloads and no vinyl, so I’m sure that says something about me.

      I feel I’m one minor adjustment away from the groove I’ve always wanted to be in…

  3. It’s kind of funny that those people already knew your name, and didn’t know your *domain name* – which is just your name with “.com”.

    Maybe some people who were familiar with your other writing had heard of this blog, and thought Google could help them out….?

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