4 Reasons I’m Still Writing About Spirituality

I told you last week that I almost removed the Spirituality category from this blog to focus on my other content areas. I might not be the best candidate to write about spirituality, but I decided to keep doing it anyway. Here are four reasons why:

1. I’m as qualified as anyone else. We all share a common human/God experience, and there’s nothing special about spiritual teachers, gurus or preachers. They choose to focus their attention on matters of spirituality as a career (or at least as a serious hobby), while others of us bounce in and out of considering spiritual matters as the mood strikes us. I’m happy with my role as a “bouncer”.

2. We all need reminding. Although my spiritual beliefs are simple and can be stated in a sentence or two, exploring other spiritual beliefs through writing reminds me to stay true to mine. It’s exciting to enter other realms of thought — and comforting to return to mine.

3. I couldn’t have the life I enjoy now absent from my spiritual journey. The religion and spirituality of my past informs ever aspect of my thinking and writing. My point of view and my values spring from my spirituality. My stories, my advice and my opinions don’t make sense with my spiritual beliefs removed.

4. I’ve always felt compelled. Spirituality is a required subject for me because I’ve always felt an urge to explore and write about spirituality. Since my blog is at least partially aimed at integrating the diverse parts of my personality, I have to write about ever aspect that is present.

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing about spirituality, but I’m compelled to do it anyway. I hope you’re benefiting from what I’m writing. I know I am.

Image: WordClouds.com