Clarifying the Goal for Week 21 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

Excuses, excuses. I have lots of them this week. But I’ll spare you most of them.

I didn’t feel well the first half of the week, so I didn’t go out as planned for my usual book shopping and errand days. That means I had to make them up late in the week. And that, in turn, means I didn’t get much decluttering done this week.

I did get a few things done, however.

The riding lawnmower returned from the shop while we were out on Thursday attempting to make up  the book shopping day I missed. It’s working great now — as it should be, considering how much the repairs cost. I mowed most of the front yard Friday and started on the back before a storm cloud loomed overhead. Getting the yard in shape will take longer than usual since the grass got tall while the mower was away. I’ll have to finish up next week.

I also went through the house maintaining progress already made. That means bits of paper collecting in a few places were cleared, and laundry and dishes that got slightly behind while I was sick were handled. Taking care of these few little things helped emphasize in my brain that my week of being sick was over. It’s time, I reminded myself, to get on with life.

Finally, I reached a better understanding of my goal for this decluttering and simplifying project. Originally, I just wanted to make some progress toward a more ordered life. Last week, I told you that I plan to end this push toward a simpler life about a year from when I started. That means I’ll be done in December. But what does “done” mean? Simplifying my life’s processes and reducing the amount of junk that surrounds me is a lifelong process.

But by December, I’d like to live in a home that isn’t a distraction. I don’t want the clutter cutting into my time or taking away from my creativity. I’d like the house to be ordered well enough that I don’t have to worry about the clutter if someone needs to come in to repair the phone line. I’d like a house where decluttering doesn’t require my attention everyday. We don’t have many visitors because our house is so far from town, but I don’t want to be ashamed of my home if someone does come in. And I don’t want to a house that looks like a symptom of a life out of control.

I’ll come up with words that better express my goal in future weeks. For now, there’s decluttering (and mowing!) to be done.

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  1. I want my home to be uncluttered because I believe I will gain clarity from the declutter. I want it to be uncluttered because I don’t like the way it just looks nasty when it’s a mess.

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