Lazy Summer Days for Week 33 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

Welcome again, Make It Happen readers! I welcomed you properly in Friday’s bonus post, but because of when email subscriptions when out, very few of Arvind Devalia‘s readers saw my guest post there yesterday. And so, they didn’t see my welcome here. It’s sort of complicated, but leave it at this: Welcome again.

In fact, everyone is welcome here.

I just wish I had more to say to you today.

For the second week in a row, I’m reaping reward rather than actively making progress on my yearlong journey toward a simpler and less cluttered life. It’s been around 100 degrees every afternoon here in North Texas, and it’s just too hot inside my home with minimal air conditioning for any manual labor.

That’s okay with me, though. I allowed myself a year to accomplish the bulk of my decluttering because I knew there would be week’s like this.

I’m keeping my promise to you and myself, however, by posting this candid review of what I accomplished this week.

So what did I do with my time this week? I worked on my online bookselling business — my primary source of income — more than anything else, and I was out of the house enjoying some indoor fun around the Metroplex a couple of days more than usual. I got some writing for this blog done, and I (nearly) completed a couple of guest posts to which I had already committed myself.

I also managed to publish an extra post or two here, giving you plenty to read if this update disappoints you.

I went out last night to enjoy a good classic rock cover band, something I really enjoy and haven’t been doing as often this year as I have in the past few. We’ve been staying in more to save money and better use our time, so the night out was more exciting — more of a treat, really — than when we were doing it more regularly. It was a great night.

Enjoy the weather where you are — whatever kind you’re having — and stand by for further developments here.

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  1. Onward we go…

    My toaster finally bit the dust the other day (as in no matter how many times I jiggle the cord in the socket-no go) she’s gone, gone to the big appliance heaven in the sky. I left her on the counter all afternoon for her ‘showing’ and now she is going off to the metal recycling center. It’s a sad day here indeed. But she had a good run…10 years probably (I can’t remember) and a year of running on a ‘bad cord’ so I guess it is finally time to just ‘let her go’, she’s tired.

    One day I will feel better and be able to go and get a replacement for her, just not yet…

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