The Most Important Advice in the Universe

Do you think that headline oversells today’s post a bit?

It probably does.

Then again, I’m not so sure.

The most important advice in the universe is this: Let it fade away.

The solution to the problems in your life — and perhaps the problems of the world — may be hiding inside those four little words.

When your anger has damaged a relationship, hurt some feelings or caused you a permanent problem, your regret and disappointment with the carelessness and viciousness of your actions can take over your life. But since the wrong can’t be righted, the damage is done and your moping is causing you to miss opportunities to move forward, the best advice is to…

Let it fade away.

When you feel compelled to act out against people or systems that don’t treat you well, you are right to make an attempt to change them. Hope and work for success for as long as you think it’s wise. But it won’t always work. When you’ve reached a dead end or begun to be consumed by righting a wrong beyond your grasp, your life isn’t yours anymore. Start living your own life again, cast aside the crusade, and…

Let it fade away.

When you follow established procedures, take the advice of gurus and read instructional books, you may find that the advice of the so-called experts doesn’t work for your situation. You’ve wasted your time and your money, but it could be worse. Follow your own compass, express your own dreams and serve your own callings. And what about that bad advice from the world’s foremost experts?

Let it fade away.

When you find that you spent years on an education that has very little relationship to what you’re doing now, you’ll be inclined to think it was a waste of time and money. But every experience you’ve ever had is necessary to make you the capable and creative person you are today, and anything spent bettering your being is worth what it cost. So what does “x” equal in that equation? And how would this sentence be diagrammed? I don’t know, because I have…

Let it fade away.

When you’re writing a blog post and have so many examples floating around in your head that you could go on forever, it’s tempting to overburden your readers with more text than they need. They’ll thank you — perhaps by commenting and even continuing with more examples in the same vein — if you stop while you’re ahead, leave them wanting more and…

Let it fade away.


  1. Pretty much agree Gip with that. I choose often to think; ‘Let it go’ and release the need to worry or hold onto something. The more I say it the less bothers me. It will be what it will be with or without my input. So I let things go and yes, fade away out of my mind. It feels great after a while like meditation in reverse. Good words Gip and why not have a big bold title if the post matters?

    1. I’m glad to see you commenting here, John. I read your blog regularly.

      Several bloggers that I enjoy reading are fading away these days, but I hope your voice and mine will always be there.


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