Seems So Ordinary for Week 51 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

My weekly decluttering and simplifying updates end next week, so this should be a special week. I expected my next to the last update to be filled with notes about last-minute frenzy and important improvements in my simple, deliberate life.

Instead, I find myself rushed by a big new writing project and looking back over a successful Thanksgiving week with a healthy amount of gratitude for what I’ve accomplished this year.

We managed to get out an extra bag of trash this week, however, so I know I did some decluttering. It’s hard to see any evidence of that, however.

Early in the week, I sorted through lots of little pieces of paper on my desk, throwing away many of them and salvaging all the good ideas. I made a deal with myself: When I came to a piece of paper with a blog post idea, I had to either write it next or transfer it to a list of ideas that are on hold. I hope I can continue that trend as I sort through the rest of the bits around my desk.

And here’s something interesting: I noticed something on my home phone bill that I hadn’t seen before — and I usually look. My phone company was charging me a 99 cent “paper invoice fee”. That means I’m paying a dollar for them to send me a bill that I would rather be viewing online anyway. When I paid my bill online Monday, I found the option to turn off this useless service and expense, saving me a dollar a month and eliminating one more piece of paper from my life. Why didn’t they tell me about this and offer to turn it off rather than charging me a senseless fee?

Anyway… It’s a mundane but exciting time for us and our simple life and an exciting time for me as my writing business is starting to succeed.

By the way, as my weekly updates come to an end, you will benefit in lots of ways. I’ll tell you about those in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I have some writing to do.


  1. Whoo hoo! Happy to read that you have a new, big writing project.

    I’m always amazed about the loads of garbage we make at my house. I think that most of it comes in the mail even though the majority of our bills are electronic now. I’m ashamed to say that the remainder comes from packaging. We are working on it though.

    1. Robert, I thought the paper billing fee was a bit strange, too. They are encouraging and discouraging at the same time. Thanks for commenting, as always.

      Maria, thanks for noticing my mention of the new writing project. I’m having fun with it. It’s just some website content and the pay is on the low end, but it’s the best I’ve gotten since I restarted my writing career, so it’s a nice step up. I’m very pleased with it so far.

      Thanks for commenting, Maria.

  2. The really interesting thing about the paper bill fee is that most companies I deal with are bending over backwards to get me to opt out of the paper bills. That’s one heck of a disconnect when you want online billing, they want online billing, but somehow they can’t seem to make that happen. 🙂

  3. Re. your previous comment back to me – Gib dear, I find your posts well worth following, so I’mnot likely to stop subscribing!

    Big Woot, Woot!! on the writing progress. Little things have a way of adding up.

    Concerning the bits of paper on the desk: good job on making a decision about them (write or consciously save). I have taken a leaf from someone’s book (maybe Brene Brown?) and I am attempting to use my journal for everything, which pretty much makes it a commonplace book, just not “logically” organized. I am also trying to be so familiar with it that I can easily put my finger on whatever I’m looking for.

    I haven’t started thinking about 2011 yet, but I may try some “52 weeks of” organizing (declutter, soul journaling, art journaling).

    1. Thanks, Trece. I highly recommend trying a 52 weeks of… something. The discipline is very good for someone like me who doesn’t have much discipline in general. And I’ve gotten so much done!


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