Now’s The Time: How Will You Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever?

With Thanksgiving out of the way (for us Americans) and December arriving, my thoughts are already turning to next year. Are yours?

When I used to send actual paper Christmas cards, I always wrote a personal message in each one. There’s no point sending someone a card with only my signature — and certainly no point sending one with a preprinted signature. The last line of my message to everyone was always the same, however: “I hope [next year] is your best year ever!”

Now, my vocabulary is a bit richer and my spirituality a bit wider, so I don’t focus on hope as much as positive thinking.

I know 2011 will be your best year ever, but what are you going to do to make sure that’s true?

Will you…

  • Finally follow the inspiration of the bloggers you read and start decluttering your home, your mind and your life?
  • Throw in the towel on working to make someone else rich and venture out on your own to start working to make yourself happy?
  • Reconnect with good people who were once part of your life and make them important players in your story again?
  • Pursue your passion actively and, uh, passionately — whether as a job or as hobby?
  • Take specific actions aimed at making your life better, like reading more, watching TV less, joining a weight loss group or dropping out of a couple of over-commitments?

Whatever you do, keep reading So Much More Life. I have some great things for you in December, then expect 2011 to bring with it this site’s best content ever.

But what will you do? Comments are open — as always — and no one is more welcome to speak up than you.


  1. This is a great pitch page for your 2011 blogging, Gip!!!! You’ve got me really curious now 🙂

    Your list made me stop and realize that I did all of those things this year, except for the reconnecting thing, because the one person I’ve tried to find does not want to be found (my best friend from college). Next year? To keep doing everything on the list, but this time it’ll be Phase II, the next stage, the next level, whatever it’s called.

    1. Meg, I didn’t do any reconnecting this year either. Actually, I’d like to expand my circle of friends to include some new voices. I get tired of hearing the same comments and opinions — and I feel many of my friends have very negative attitudes.

      So adding rather than reconnecting is in the cards for me. I’ve at least started on all the other things I mentioned.

      Thanks for commenting!

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  3. Yup checked each one off for 2010 – how exciting? What can I have a go at in 2011. I’ve started my bucket list already and got part of the way down – perhaps I could complete that? Hmm will have to give it some thought…

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jo. I look forward to hearing your list. In fact, maybe I should have encouraged my readers to write blog posts about this. I offered suggestions, but I haven’t really offered my list for next year, have I?

  4. I LOVE!! what you would write on your cards! I use that line on birthday cards. I know I saw it first in a story or book. The mom would write it (the child was telling the story). Now I have no idea what the source was, but I’d love it find it again.

    1. I don’t know what the source is, Trece. I used it for so long I can’t remember if I got it from somewhere or not. In fact, I still use it in those rare times when I actually write a card — like when someone sends one to me and I don’t know their email address.

      Glad to still have you here, Trece.

  5. Hi Gip,
    Long time, no comment! ha I was really successful this past year at doing one fun/quirky thing each week. It forced me out of my shell a little, and it definitely helped make 2010 better than 2009. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2011. Steve.

    1. It has been a long time, Steve…

      So what kinds of things did you do every week? It sounds like a great idea — and something fun to blog about, too!


  6. Gip,
    I’ll leave blogging to people who can write! I have found that as I have gotten older it’s much easier to talk myself out of things, do the same old things, stay at home, etc. So I just pushed a bit more. If I thought about it, I did it. For example, the fun thing for week 3 was roasting garlic. It was a revelation. How had I gone that long and never had roasted garlic? On St. Patrick’s day I went to a bar and had my first ever green beer. I had always said I would, but never did. Still to come: ride a train and crack open a coconut!

  7. Throw in the towel on working to make someone else rich and venture out on your own to start working to make yourself happy? This is something i am really looking forward to do in 2011, Almost i have spend two years (not much though) serving others and hope now i can be on my own legs now. I dono how its going to turn out, but lets hope for best…:)


  8. 2010 isn’t really a fabulous year for me but I can still consider it as a great year because of so many experiences I had that allowed me to learn something new. Something that can strengthen my faith, my goals, my attitude, etc. Starting from these changes, for sure 2011 will be a best year for me!

  9. 2010 hasn’t really been the greatest year for me. i turned down a lot of great opportunities and i regret not taking those chances. 2011 will be a year where my attitude will be greatly uplifted and no opportunity will be wasted.

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