Journey’s End, Journey Continues for Week 52 (Decluttering and Simplifying 2010)

I suppose I was expecting a tall guy in a frilly uniform to show up and play some kind of fanfare or something. But it’s just an oridinary Saturday morning here in Texas.

While something weather-related is about to blow through and cool off this part of the state, my passion for simplifying my life isn’t cooling — even though this is the last of my 52 weeks of posts about decluttering and simplifying my life.

What’s Been Accomplish

It’s absolutely amazing how much I’ve accomplished this year.

Bags and boxes of trash and items to donate to charity shops have left my home. While a few bits of mail and papers have come in, threatening to undo my decluttering efforts, I’m holding firm on the progress I’ve made.

I’ve also simplified my declining online used bookselling business so that it takes less space in my house and a smaller role in my life, leaving a cleaner home and the time necessary to reinvent my work-from-home career.

With the free time I’ve created for myself, I’ve relaunched my writing career — which took an eight-year hiatus during the bookselling years — and I’m re-establishing my writing crediential, this time as a copywriter instead of a journalist. I already have a few clients.

My out of control life is simpler and more deliberate in many ways every day.

The act itself of writing 52 posts about simplifying my life represents a big accomplishment for me, too. I’m a private, secretive, undisciplined person, and I like it that way. But I wrote and published 52 posts that reveal details about my real life to other real people and that were published when I said they would be.

What’s Not Done

There’s still at least a small amount of unnecessary clutter in every room of my home — and every area of my life.

A couple of tables near the front door still collect bits of paper that I can’t seem to get rid of, and the old sofa and other now-useless items that accompany it in my office are still there.

I’d like to be farther along with my new writing business, and I’d like my old bookselling business to be providing a more stable backup income. Actually, I’d like every aspect of my life to be cleaner, more stable and require less attention to keep it on track.

What’s Next

For me, it’s more of the same — on a higher level every day. As I work for writing clients, I’ll continue to work to sell books and clean my house, too. The 52 weeks of updates are over, but decluttering and simplifying life is a continuous process.

For So Much More Life, the best is yet to come.

I’ll be back Monday with a post about why I’ll no longer mention two ebooks I’ve mentioned before. Next Saturday, expect a post about how you benefit from the end of my 52 weeks of decluttering and simplifying updates. Then, I’ll spend a little time reviewing the best parts and biggest accomplishments of this year.

I expect 2011 to be a really great year for me, for So Much More Life — and for you. In fact, I know that 2011 will be our best year ever.

Watch for more new posts in December and a new schedule packed with even better stuff coming in January.


  1. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. By sharing your journey you have provided inspiration to others.

    Best wishes for whatever challenges you embrace in 2011.

    1. Thanks, Jennie.

      Stay tuned for this Saturday’s post about what comes next here on So Much More Life.

      I appreciate you taking time to comment.


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