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Are You More of an Expert Than You Think You Are?

Here’s an amazing fact: Acknowledging what you already know can make you an immediate expert.

If you’re like me, you know more than you think you do.

If you take a quick poll of those who know me best, they’re more likely to think I’m a know-it-all than a know-nothing, but I’ve been realizing lately that my experiences as a non-traditional inhabitant of this planet make me more of an expert than I think I am. I have important, first-hand, practical knowledge of things like freelance writing, very small home-based businesses, online selling and personal growth, among other things.

I know more than I give myself credit for, and you probably know a few things yourself.

I’ve been involved in writing, running businesses, working online and bettering myself for years, not just months like some self-proclaimed gurus. I have more knowledge than people who make thousands of dollars proclaiming themselves experts in these fields.

And why is that? Why haven’t I been able to leverage my knowledge? It’s because I really haven’t tried. When I share what I know with others in person, through these essays or in other places online, my no-nonsense, no-frills advice is usually well-received.

What do you know about? And what are you doing with it?

Without any further training or additional credentials, you could probably be offering your advice and comments to the world as an expert. Whether you have years of experience or only a few months, you know how to do something. And someone else would like to know what you know. Forget the jealousy involved in protecting trade secrets or keeping your sources from the competition. To truly experience having something valuable, try making sure others have it too. Spiritual types say things like that all the time, and it applies here as well.


  1. I like that …’A non-traditional inhabitant of this planet’, I think you have finally summed me up.

    Unfortunately the things that I have become an ‘expert’ on are the same things that drive others nuts around here….

    — Being a vegan–why the world should be hugging cows instead of ingesting them…

    — 300 and 1 ways to make your toilet paper last longer- (ok, I only have one, hold it a little longer between ‘sittings’) but you get the idea…

    — How to be the most stubborn person on the planet and always get your way (well, that usually happens because everyone else just runs away from the ‘crazy woman’)…

    Anyway, great post, great food for thought and I think I need to sit back and see just what it is that I AM good at. Thanks!

  2. Great post, Gip!

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I read this post the first time, and I’ve realized that I have a hard time coming up with many things that I’d consider myself an expert on, and the things I can think of probably aren’t that useful:

    -I was an obsessive Star Wars fan when I was younger, so I could still give you names and backstories for even the most minor characters.
    -Other pop culture info relating to music and movies.

    I realized I have a hard time giving myself enough credit to consider myself an “expert” on most other things. Something I need to work on…

  3. Dave, soon you’ll be an expert on blogging. That’s something. You’re right: You probably aren’t giving yourself enough credit.

    I could probably fill you in on British comedies and Doctor Who. But I know nothing about Star Wars!


  4. Hi Gip, This is my first time to your cool blog, and I like it very much. (I found it via the A-List Blogging Club.)

    This is a very original post. I think you’re right that most of us know more than we think we do, and much of what we know would be useful to others. In addition, much of what other people know about a particular subject is myth, something people believe because “they” say that it’s true.

    A bit abstract. To be more specific, this is the line of reasoning that led me to start a blog about the myths and realities of aging.

  5. Gip, I really enjoyed this post! This is so true about me. 😉

    Acknowledging what you already know can make you an immediate expert.
    If you’re like me, you know more than you think you do.

    there is so much that I do not give myself credit for.. always pushing harder and farther… but the quality is in the whole experience.

    I really do struggle with that word expert, in fact so much so that I walked away from it once. .. now, I like to see myself more as an advocate for awakening to quality and value: building relationships for long-lasting results … and yes “with the same person!”. 😉 after a decade of love and friendship, experience does prove that it can be done over here. But, I still would rather share stories that stick, then do advicey stuff.. I found that too overwhelming and lengthy and not helpful at all.. Passion + experience is probably the “soft beauty platform” for each of us. Plus taking it an extra level for excellence, keeping it simple is tough but it works! 🙂 One Love. One Path to align with.. again and again. that’s it! 😉

    have a great week! Thank you for this awesome reflection!

  6. I have begun thinking similarly Gip. I think that I had bought into myths like an expert needs formal education, or I had to have received a paycheck for the knowledge for it to be useful, or there is some mythical accreditation body that must deem me an expert for it is too egotistical to call myself an expert without others’ validation. But I am starting to see that I have a lot of knowledge and I am trying to figure out how to make a living using some of it.
    So, some things I am expert on are:
    interior design
    home repair
    personal finance
    playing piano
    Thanks Gip. I feel smarter already.

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