Just A Few Days Off…

I’m taking just a few days off from the blog during this exceptionally hot summer here in Texas. It’s day 22 of high temperatures over 100, and I’m not really interested in sitting at my desk very much. I also have some real-world work around the house to do — and some writing for money to catch up on.

I’ll be back on August 2 with some interesting new things to say.

Until then, please take a moment to look through my recent past posts. Some of them didn’t get many comments, so I suspect some of you were taking some days off when I posted them.

Comments are open on all past posts.

And no, I’m not taking a vacation. I’m just taking a blogging break while many of you are away anyway. I deserve a break, don’t you think?

See you very soon.


  1. Yes, you do deserve a break, Gip. Even if it is only to do other work. I wondered what happened when you missed your usual Friday posting. I also haven’t seen you over on my blog lately, at least not in the comments, but then maybe you’ve just had nothing to say.

    Enjoy your time off from your blog; I’ll be looking forward to reading you again in July.

    – Mike

    1. Yes, August 2. I’ll fix it in the post now. That’s only 10 days off really.

      I checked your blog this morning, too, and I missed that last post. I’ll get back on track with commenting on your blog too.


    1. I’ll be checking you out, Jess, and I hope everyone else does too. It’s only about 82 this morning, but it will be 102 or higher this afternoon — over 90 within the hour.


  2. it’s been about a week or two since i’ve read your blog. i enjoy your minimalist approach. hope your break from blogging gave you the chance to get those other things done, especially writing for money.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog, Mack. I’m back at it now and looking forward to writing more interesting and entertaining posts every week!

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