Back On Tuesday

I hope you haven’t forgottten about me during my very brief absence from blogging. I’ll be back on Tuesday wih a new post encouraging you to help me form a simple, deliberate approach to social media.

I use Facebook and I have Twitter followers, but I can’t say that I’m using social networking tools well. Together, maybe we can develop a simple approach that’s deliberately aimed at getting the kinds of results we each want.

You’re welcome to comment on that subject now, but I’ll offer my comments on Tuesday. I’m still taking a break at the moment — although it feels very much like a regular day.


  1. I don’t do Facebook and rarely use Twitter, but I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on social networking. In my opinion, they are too much bother and can become a huge time sink if one isn’t careful. If and how someone uses social networking probably has a lot to do with what they hope to accomplish by doing so (or not).

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