Are You On The Verge?

Are you living a life on the verge? That can mean many things.

I think I’m on the verge of something absolutely amazing, but I’m also stuck in the verges and wondering what to do next.

Part of living a simple, deliberate life is honestly assessing your situation and doing whatever is necessary to make it even better. Do you know where you are and where you’re going?

With apologies to my readers who like step-by-step instructions, carefully reasoned arguments and posts that actually say something tangible, here we go…

Mujeres Al Borde

For high school Spanish class, I was required to watch the Spanish-language movie “Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios”. Translated, that’s “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”. It’s apparent now a Broadway play.

I can’t remember if the whole class saw it or if I did a report on it, but it was a ridiculous film. It seemed to be a bunch of crazed women yelling at each other, but there is probably a bit of plot also. From what I can see online, it’s about women whose paths cross frequently and unexpectedly in unusual ways.

I took many years of Spanish, but there aren’t enough lessons in the world to make me understand why I watched that.

Nonetheless, this experience is somehow relevant here because the word “verge” is involved.

As far as I can remember, none of the women actually had a nervous breakdown. They were just on the verge. When you’re on the verge of something, you can perhaps keep it from happening — or make it happen.

(And no one actually says “nervous breakdown” anymore anyway. It would be a panic attack, an episode or a situation now. But who would watch a movie called “Women About to Encounter a Highly-Treatable Mental Health Intervention Opportunity”.)

I’m on the verge of losing your attention, aren’t I?

Are You On The Verge?

I’m not on the verge of a mental health crisis, but I am on the verge of something great.

But being on the verge means things could go either way.

I’m on the verge of some major life breakthroughs, but I could slide back into old patterns. On the other hand, I could soar to a level I’ve only imagined. I have a preference in this situation, but I have to work to make my preference happen.

Several situations in my life need attention, and I feel like some of them are, to use an indelicate phrase, coming to a head.

My money situation is about to stabilize, I think. The clutter that’s re-entering my life and my mind is about to clear, I imagine. My social situation that’s leaning now toward isolation is about to experience a period of expansion again, I would guess.

There’s nothing quantifiable, but there’s a feeling that the world is completely open to me.

Do you ever feel you’re improving? Can you sense with every fiber of your being that things that were once insurmountable obstacles are now as small as a few clods of dirt left after an armadillo has been digging around? (We don’t have moles or molehills around here.)

If this post isn’t making sense to you, then I suppose you don’t ever feel like that. If it does make sense to you, however, you know what an exciting time this is for me.

Forgive The Lack Of Substance

I don’t know what else to say on this topic. I don’t know how to explain it further. Either you understand being on the verge or you don’t. I hope, though, that if your life seems on the verge today, you’re on the verge of something amazing.

In Britain, some people call that grassy or gravelly area at the edge of the road the verge. Here in Texas, it’s called the shoulder. Roads go places. Verges are how you get from life’s aimless open fields onto roads that go somewhere.

Come to think of it, “Women With Crazy Shoulders” would make a great name for a movie. But I’m no filmmaker. Wait. Could that be the next step for me?

I’m on the verge today, and every thought is an important lead. Are you on the verge? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?


  1. Yes, I’m on the verge. And I’m excited and scared about being there. I hope I wind up on the right road but I don’t have all the power over that. I just hope I don’t wind up being roadkill. Thanks for this image, it might help me in soon to happen discussions.

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about. Anything other than being on the verge is a settled, some would say, dull, life. My favorite quote is: “If you aren’t paralyzed, you aren’t going far enough. If you don’t feel yourself being avoidant, you’re probably settling.” — Gianpaolo Pietri

    Vergency: n. The act of verging or approaching; tendency;
    approach. The trick is not to fall into the eternal approach-avoidance dance.

    Adalante, Gip.

  3. That feeling of excitement, of possibilities, of options. So energizing! Not knowing what will happen next but knowing that something is opening up for change and we are aware of it. Sometimes a big change will just happen to us out of the blue; an overwhelming surprise that we struggle to cope with. But that verge you’re talking about is an aware anticipation that brings a certain savoury clearness to life that feeds us with it’s freedom. It’s a gift, I think, and we can take it or retun it. Hopefully we take the gift. Either way, that time on the edge is amazing and makes life appear full and awesome.

    Looking back at those little armadillo clods, I always wonder how I got so caught up in the obstacles instead of the possibilities.

    1. Perfect, Diana. That’s exactly what I mean. There’s nothing specific, but a few small improvements seem to be opening the door for many more. Energizing is the right word… and “savoury clearness” is a great phrase too.

      I haven’t actually seen any armadillos on our property (there seem to be fewer of them in general), but we certainly don’t have moles here!

  4. I completely understand! I am also on the verge…and it could go either way. However, it terrorizes me to think of falling back into my rut. Therefore, I will do whatever it takes to avoid the rut. That means forging ahead and making opportunities into success. I am actually having a great day and I have not had one of those in way too long.
    Thank you for the post.

    1. I’ve had too many days that sink into a rut of sameness and counterproductivity, and I’m ready to move on. The verge is a great improvment over sameness.

      I’m glad you’re having a great day, Joni. You deserve great days.

  5. oddly enough, i believe i do know what you’re talking about. being on the verge is more about a feeling than being able to give it a description. i feel like i’m on the verge too. good luck with your many verges on the horizon.

  6. Gip, this post just filled me with so much anticipation and excitement!! I cannot wait till you do a reveal. The way you phrased everything worked really well for me. GO YOU!!!!

  7. Is it possible to live one’s life always on the verge of, but never attaining any significant success? OTOH, who is to judge what success is – maybe in this day and age, simply surviving one day to live the next is an accomplishment in itself.

    You do seem to have something more specific on your mind, though, Gip, that you’re maybe not quite ready to share. I hope whatever it is works out to your benefit, and I look forward to reading about it eventually.

    1. I think making it from one day to the next without any negative progress — deeper debt, wasted opportunities — is an accomplishment.

      There really isn’t anything specific yet except a change in attitude that’s been coming for a few weeks now, some minor financial improvements and a renewed commitment to occupy my time more productively. But I think those things will lead to bigger things. When bigger comes along, I’m ready to grab it now.

      Thanks for commenting, Mike, as always. I’m really enjoying how your blog is growing and progressing.

  8. Viz your road analogy. As you correctly say in Britian a verge is the empty space on the side of the road. Its where you pull over to have an argument with your spouse or get the map out to find where you are going. Just saying…

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