Is Writing For Money Part Of Your Simple Living, Minimalist Lifestyle?

My original career intention was to get a job writing for money, but I got sidetracked through a few years of stable-but-boring office work and a few years of fun-and-profitable online bookselling.

Now, however, my eyes are focuses squarely on writing for money once again — and things are going pretty well.

Is writing part of your life? If not, what’s your thing?

If you want to live a simple, deliberate life without complete dependence on any one employer and without having to deal with business hours and office politics, working from home is the perfect solution. And nothing is more satisfying to me than being a professional writer once again.

Does writing play a role in your escape from working to make others rich?

Writing For Profit

When I launched this blog a couple of years ago, I wanted to use it to reconnect with the writer inside me, refine my rusty writing skills and eventually return to writing as full-time job. That’s what I’ve done.

But until recently, these two years have been a financial mess. With the online bookselling business that supported me for five years failing, I was too slow to return to the writing for profit.

Although I was a freelance journalist when I depended on writing income earlier in my life, I’ve never had a desire to return to journalism. Since I’m much more spiritual than political, most journalism seems destructive or at least useless to me now. While journalism has a real purpose that would be a great topic for another day and another post, I’m happy to allow others to provide that service to the world now.

Thanks to the help of a few private clients, some high-paying content mill sites and the work I’m doing to establish my own stable of online content, I make money each week writing fun and easy Internet content for myself and others.

While my financial situation is far from where I’d like it to be, things have stabilized over the past few months. That’s great progress. And that’s all thanks to my return to writing for money.

An (Almost) Perfect Complement

A career as a professional writer is an almost perfect complement to a simple, deliberate life.

Because I set my own hours and only take the work that I need and the work that interest me, I’m not overburdened or overstressed. My life is my own, something very few people can say.

Of course, this career path comes with a little built-in stress. Some weeks, there’s not enough high-paying work coming my way. Other weeks, I’m too busy dealing with other aspects of life to do as much writing as I my income goals require.

Once I got back in the groove of planning and arranging my life so that I can fit in an adequate amount of work, however, the stress of these uncertain situations has started to fade away. I’ve settled into a pace that I usually enjoy very much.

Not Quite Perfect

The biggest issues with fitting a career writing for money into a minimalist lifestyle are ethical ones.

Many of the clients for whom I write don’t share my lifestyle and are chasing after doomed dreams. Some may even be involved in unethical business practices, but I don’t know that for sure. I’ve caught clients lying to me and avoiding me because they didn’t have good news about our projects, both major ethical breaches.

I’ve managed to work through these ethical issues, however, using a spiritual principle, not a business principle. Of course, I don’t do anything unethical myself, and when I feel I’m being treated unfairly or being asked to do something unethical, I try to simply move on, allowing other people’s nonsense to stay in their court.

To use more spiritual terms, I release my issues to the universe and release my attachment to any particular outcome. Often, things eventually work out in a way that’s favorable for me.

Life would be easier if I didn’t concern myself with ethical breaches, but I do. Don’t you?

What Works For You?

I always knew I was supposed to be a writer, but the genre of writing in which I now participate didn’t even exist when I first started on the writing path. Perhaps for that reason, I got sidetracked for a while.

Now, I’m a professional writer again, and simple living make it possible. I’m having fun, I’m not under the thumb of any particular company and I’m not as worried about how to make ends meet as I once was.

Writing for money fits nicely into my minimalist lifestyle.

What about you? Have you found the perfect way to make money while still having the kind of lifestyle you desire? I hope you have, and I hope you’ll tell us all about it in the comments section below.


  1. Nope, not a dime here yet! Granted, I turned to blogging out of boredom and as a way to connect, but being able to financially help out our family would be amazing!

    So glad you found a way to make it work!! Kudos!

    1. I don’t make money on this blog, but I do make money on other people’s blogs, on some projects of my own and writing quick and easy marketing content for others. It’s a fun way to make a living if you have the skills.

  2. I’m still working for the man. I’d like to increase my income through writing, and possible transition to that full time. Right now one of my blogs is making at least enough to pay for my online presence. I’d be interesting in hearing more about the content mill sites you mentioned.

    1. The key to making money from your own content is volume. You need lots of it to make money — and one of two of your pages could turn out to be exceptionally popular and lucrative. Stumbling onto something that actually makes money is quite fun!

  3. So nice to see one of your posts turn up in my RSS feed. I’m glad things are going well for you. I’m still writing. I’ve started applying for IT jobs again, but, thanks to my writing gigs, I can afford to be choosy.

    It’s true that many online writing gigs are there to sell a product, but it does seem like buying crap is the American contribution to the world these days, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, I don’t know how much you need to earn to pay the bills each month, but I can whole-heartedly recommend Remilon if making big money isn’t one of your primary concerns. Drop me a line if you are interested and I’ll give you more information.

    1. Good to hear from you, Maria. I’m glad you’re still writing, and I hope you don’t have to return to the IT world. I would take writing over just about any other career choice.

  4. I will eat dirt b/4 I return to the corporate world……..LOL. It is not worth the freedom of my soul. Loved the post.

    1. Exactly! I feel the same way. I tried the corporate world and probably had as good an experience as possible, but it’s all just silliness chasing after even more silliness.

  5. I am as much of a minimalist as I can be w/ an unconvinced wife and 2 kids 5 and under. I do free lance writing (in addition to my day job) for some technical websites. I think it fits perfectly with my minimalism. All I need to earn money is my mac and a couple hours alone and I get paid!

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