If You Believe…

This month more than any other, it’s important that we hold fast to our simple living, minimalists beliefs and not allow the silliness and complicated traditions of this season of overspending, overreaching and over-participating to derail our otherwise magnificent lives.

Would you be willing to take a moment and reassess how you plan to behave this month?

If you believe in peace on earth and goodwill to all, please behave as if you believe in those things.

If you believe in eating simple meals prepared with minimal fuss, allow your belief system to guide your food choices for the holiday season.

If you believe in making the most of a few possessions and rejecting the materialism that so obviously derails other lives, let those beliefs guide your Christmas shopping.

If you believe in monitoring your emotions and your internal and external chatter so that your life portrays the uncomplicated image of a simple, humble person, work extra hard to portray that image even when you must deal with complicated people during this season.

If you believe in contributing to worthwhile causes, contribute to them this month because those who really believe in them have been contributing to them all year.

If you believe in Christmas decorating, do it consciously and without spending needlessly and contributing to the commercialism that so many people believe detracts from the season.

If you believe in spreading good cheer, spread the word about some of your favorite bloggers rather than spreading around your money.

I don’t want any of your money or your worthless possessions, but I do want your help in making So Much More Life even stronger next year. Other bloggers would also very likely consider some help from you in promoting their good works a great minimalist Christmas present.

Please don’t buy me anything, but offer bloggers like me two gifts: your support in promoting our writing and your commitment to behaving in a way of which you can be proud this holiday season.

New year’s resolutions won’t be necessary if you live a December you can be proud of.


    1. Thanks very much, Megyn. This blog has a stable audience, but I’d like to grow exponentially in the coming months, and I believe that’s possible.

  1. I agree too! The bit about dealing with complicated people resonated with me.
    I think that all of us would do well to work out what is really important to us at Christmas. Personally I don’t care about presents, but I love preparing and eating a special meal with friends. Today I met someone whose family are in the defence forces. For them, Christmas is a date anywhere from November to February when the whole family can be together.
    Life is definitely better when you work out what is important and let the rest go.

    1. Absolutely, Julie. Being with friends is what’s most important to me about the holidays as well. I’ve given up presents, but I’d like to have a bigger circle of friends. In fact, my circle of friends — and my income, actually — are the only things I want to see grow in the coming year, I think.

  2. New year’s resolutions won’t be necessary if you live a December you can be proud of.

    Loved this. Great post. Here’s to a joyous, simple holiday season.

  3. Great sentiments. Conscious living. Deliberate efforts (which are generally painless and enjoyable once you get used to them).

    So far it’s been a simple December and I’ve kept it that way for several years. Low waste. Gifts made with love. I try to practice the “joy” all year.

    As for the spirit…you have my blogging support. I’ll put you on my blog roll shortly. Here’s to a great Christmas and a prosperous new year.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your recent comments (and comments about comments) as well as your support. I’d like to see this blog’s audience grow, and one of the best ways for it to do that is if bloggers talk about it more.

  4. In these stressful and difficult times, there are some things that jump up and shout “Yes, it’s my turn”, just like most of what you’ve mentioned in your post. Looking past our gone forever, never to come back previously lived lives and perspectives, the simple things are standing out and making more sense than ever.

    I do hope that blogs like yours also shine this year and for many more years to come.

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