One Key To Online Success Is Crossing Paths With Ari Herzog

I love cross traffic, don’t you?

This is a special Friday post with two special purposes.

First, if you’re new here, welcome. I hope you enjoy what you find here at So Much More Life. My posts are aimed at promoting a simple, deliberate way of living that’s not entirely minimalist but is always smart, intentional, fun and interesting.

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Why am I expecting new readers today?

That’s my second point. I’d like to encourage my regular readers to visit my guest post today at Ari explores all sorts of topics related to the web and evolving media. He often focuses on the social web, but since it’s his blog, he can write about whatever he wants.

Even better, he can publish guest posts from great writers like me. (I have intermittent lapses of modesty, as you may know.)

Please visit Ari Herzog’s blog today and read The Key To Online Success, a guest post from me.

In it, I point out that one of the keys to online success is establishing an online presence and staying with it, nurturing it into a web home for yourself and for the community of people who follow and support you.

That’s an idea I’ve written about before. In a post from 2010 called Still Here? Always Here? Some Bloggers Are Fading Away, I lament the bloggers whose good ideas have passed away. In that post, I told my readers that I am “still striving for relevance in a crowded field and with fewer readers than I’d like”.

I don’t strive for relevance anymore. I now simply say simple things aimed at making a simple difference in the world. It’s a simply amazing idea, I think.

If you haven’t already seen my new post on Ari’s blog, please take a look. I’ll see you there — and I’ll respond to your comments there too.

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